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I just wanted to say how lovely my time in India was and the fact it was such a success is all down to you, guys! I\'d been to India a year before and it wasn’t that great but Celia talked me into giving it another try and I\'m glad she did! Well, you know the story so no need to tell it again, just wanted to say how great traveling with you was. It was a completely different experience from any other I’d had before. This is what traveling should be like. And India is “difficult”, particularly when you try to see as much of it as we did, but all the difficulties somehow vanished when we traveled with you. Now I’ve got some real good friends in India.
Please, send my love to all the people we met there, to Harish, Ashini, Daleep, and particularly to Ritika - I have a soft spot for her (Celia will kill me! But then I know she has a soft spot for you, Vikas, so we are even ;-) ) We will be back soon and with a vengeance!!! You can start cooking that incredible biryani lamb, this time for 20 people! Down with vegetarians. I pity them (well, they can pick the meat out) ;-).
Mike and Celia Forster,
Sacramento, CA

Our journey in India started beautifully, the time spent was very convenient, the guides were all knowledgeable. All together, the package was very good. Our only concern, although it doesn\'t pertain to your agency, was the lack of wi-fi, very restricted in some areas, but over all it was well programmed, whether the well informed tours guides or the drivers. Thank you so much for a wonderful first visit to India and we will highly recommend your agency to our family and friends. With best regards to all, MONIQUE, HELENE AND ANNE
In October 2010 we spent 21 days in India and Nepal. We were travelling with a local tourist office RED ROSE Tours and Travels. We were a bit apprehensive as we\'d heard so many conflicting opinions about travelling in India, but once we got there, we were really positively surprised. We got really professional service and a fully completed programme, good hotels with swimming pools and good kitchen, clean buses throughout the entire trip and no delays ( we drove from Jaipur to Kathmandu). Pink Jaipur, white Taj Mahal, Pushkar - full of religious ecstasy, abandoned Fathepur Sikri, slightly frivolous Khajuraho, forts and palaces of the Maharajas, lighting up the peaks in Pokhara, fantastic excursions and especially rafting in Nepal and a flight over the Himalayas - we\'ll remember them for a long time. Those were our best holidays. Best greetings to RED ROSE! We recommend them to everybody who wants to visit that part of the world.
Hanna i Waldemar Rydlichowscy
I am very happy to write this recommendation for your Company. My trip to India in March 2011 (3 weeks) was a dream and I count it among my five best trips (and I travel a lot)! True, we had a wonderful Danish guide with us but even the best guide won’t help if organisation is poor. I know it too well from some of my previous trips. I think this is what makes you so good - organisation. Being so nice and friendly doesn’t hurt either.
There were of course a few glitches, but none of them was avoidable and they were part of the experience. You helped us go through them smoothly. I recommend your company to all my friends and to anybody who wants to visit India!
Kurt Jacobsen, Aarhus, Denmark
In 2010 I had the pleasure of visiting India with the tourist office of Vikas Jai. The trip was a blast and I recommend it to everybody. Everything was really well organised. There were many extra attractions. Vikas is a very helful person. I know something about it, because I got ill in India and I needed a doctor. Thanks to Vikas, the doctor came to the hotel immediately. I have some experience from my previous trips, e.g. to Venezuela with Rainbow Tours. There is no comparison! Their guide can\'t be compared with Vikas! A different category. Vikas always has good advice for those who want to visit some places in their free time. I recommend Red Rose!
Leszek Mgłosiek
I would like to recommend RED ROSE to everybody!!! I had wonderful holidays with my wife, visiting exotic, wonderful places from Jaipur to Kathmandu: Jaipur, the incredible Taj Mahal, Pushkar and so many other undescribably wonderful places in northern India. Great holidays! I will praise RED ROSE to everybody - the organisation of the tour was perfect! India and Nepal only with RED ROSE! Best greetings to Vikas!
Malgosia i Janusz, Poland
Hi Vikas! Hi everybody! I am setting off to Paraguay in a moment, so just a short message to say how wonderful my time in India was with you guys and how lucky I was to have chosen you for my first India adventure. I\'m coming back for more next year, this time to see the south. With you, of course! Thanks again and see you soon. Lilly Morgenstern